#59: Production, Strategy and Communication in business with Jojo Tiongko


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Getting to the top of the business scene takes guts and hard work. In order to succeed one must always have a set of principles to follow. In the world of competitive businesses, being a leader and a pioneer is crucial for the long term survival of your company. Production, Strategy, and Communication is a big part of what keeps everything afloat amidst the chaos of the entrepreneurial world.

In today’s episode we invite Jojo Tiongko, President of San Jose Bakeshop and a seasoned entrepreneur. He discusses various topics from starting a shoe business at a young age, working at San Jose Bakeshop, and dealing with communication barriers with his employees. Jojo emphasises the importance of knowing when to pursue a business venture, and how root-cause analysis can be integral in creating a productive workplace.

Join us as we talk about managing a business and establishing business strategies to upgrade your own business. If you are looking for guidance when it comes to handling your own business and looking for sound advice when it comes to a new perspective of handling yourself and others, then you can’t miss this episode!

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