#60: Answering your Passion for Business with Kristoff Villanueva


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Passion is the central factor in most Entrepreneurial ventures. In order for you to lead, innovate and create there must always be a fiery will that guides you to your goals. Along with passion comes risks, and to be an entrepreneur you must always look at these risks as a gateway to something possibly new and amazing.

In this episode we invite Kristoff Villanueva, President and CEO of Workplace Cafe in Cebu.He opens up about his various entrepreneurial ventures as he eventually finds the right time to establish the Workplace Cafe. As he engages in a new concept and work around finding a niche, Kristoff shares his struggles in creating a co-working cafe and how he got through it. His hardwork has paid off for him, and now he has over 3 branches in Cebu.

Join us as we talk about pursuing Passion, taking risks, coffee, and entrepreneurship. If you are curious and want to learn more about co-working spaces/cafes like Workplace, and maybe you are planning on starting your own company just like it, then this episode is for you!

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