#62: Pursuing your passion and being a part of a Cebuano legacy with Margo Frasco


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Being a part of a legacy is not something that everyone can say casually. We work hard everyday in order to say “we made it” and that passion is what brings us to our full potential. Our guest for this episode has been a part of something that all Cebuanos recognise and love, while also creating an identity of her own.

In this episode we invited Margo Frasco, COO of Titay’s and Owner/Co-founder of MDF Productions. She talks about being a part of Titay’s, a famous bakery here in Cebu, that has been part of Cebuano culture since it started more than a century ago. She also opens up about pursuing her passion for theatre and creating MDF Productions for local artists.

Join us as we talk about legacy, having a positive impact on the people around you, honing your individuality, and just being yourself. If you’re curious about what’s behind Titay’s success, pursuing the arts, or someone who is an aspiring entrepreneur then this episode is for you!

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