#63: Creating a co-living and co-working space with Nomad's Hub


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We all strive to be pioneers and in the business scene there are rarely any opportunities to be the first in what you want to establish. Thinking of new ideas and creating new ways to execute your vision for your business will always be a factor in how successful your venture would become. Our guests for this episode share their new way to bring co-working space, co-living, and food into one.

In this episode we invited Mar and Ken, owners and founders of the Nomad's Hub here in Cebu. They share their experiences as they establish their own business - from coming up with the concept and putting in hard work into bringing it to life. They also talk about how the Nomad's Hub creates a community between their clients and how their fresh concept allows them to tap into Cebu’s hidden market.

Join us as we talk about co-working and co-living space, expanding entrepreneurial vision, setting goals, and many more. If you don’t know what the Nomad's Hub is all about and you’re interested in learning about this new concept, then this episode is for you!

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