#65: The science behind brand positioning with Nas Arcayan


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Creating a business is exciting but there is a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to scaling. As an entrepreneur there is always the concept of growing your business and becoming bigger and better than your competitors. When it comes to scaling, your company should establish itself and make sure that the current market is aware of what you do. Our guest for this episode is someone who is an expert on marketing and brand positioning and has worked with big brands - helping them grow in their respective fields through the science of positioning.

In this episode we invited Nas Arcayan, a brand positioning specialist and CMO. He is a part of Mothership, a company that specialises in brand positioning that uses different fundamentals in business in order to help business scale and become a separate identity from its competitors.

Join us as we talk about creating brands, scaling as a company, marketing strategies, and building a business from scratch. If you’re curious about brand positioning, internal branding, and marketing then this episode is for you!

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