#72: Sir Noli Alleje “El Subastahero” Talks Philippine Real Estate, Auctions, and How to Become a Smart Investor


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Being an entrepreneur means personal freedom, getting to choose what market you’re going in and what type of business you’ll run is a luxury few can afford. With the ongoing pandemic, real estate is a big topic that some entrepreneurs have a hard time deciding if they should get into it or not. But the advantage of being an entrepreneur is the passion and grit to learn and adapt especially when it comes to challenges.

In this episode, we invite the one and only “El Subastahero” Sir Manuel “Noli” Alleje. He is the Managing Director and CEO of The Property Forum Philippines and has extensive experience when it comes to Real Estate. He reminisces his humble beginnings in real estate, starting a real estate television show, and becoming who he is today. He also shares his knowledge on auctions, how to buy and resell in real estate, and how to invest your money in something you’re passionate about.

If you are interested in learning about real estate and auction and want to find out more about how they work through an experienced entrepreneur and real estate broker then you don’t want to miss this episode!

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