#73: Bouncing Back From a Failed Venture to Creating a Successful Consulting Agency With Franbeau Beduya


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Innovation comes with the changing of the times and with the digital age we see ourselves transitioning more into the internet. Businesses need to learn how to adapt and cater to their market according to the current trends. If you want to learn more about building your business, scaling, and creating an environment where we, Filipinos, can have the creative freedom and be in control then our guest for today is someone who can give a more insightful view on it.

In this episode, we invite Franbeau “Franz” Beduya the co-founder of Agency Rocket Fuel and Managing Partner at Augmen Digital. Starting from a young age he has been exposed to entrepreneurship. From his experiences, he has now managed to become an expert in his field. He talks about his entrepreneurial journey, recovering from a failed venture, and starting a consulting agency.

If you are interested in creating your own business, learning how to go about scaling, and just want general advice on the entrepreneurial do’s and don’ts then this episode is for you!

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