#74: Becoming a Food Fusion Mastermind With Sisig Teriyaki Founder Lenmar Gonzales


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Finding success in life can sprout from the most unexpected events. As an entrepreneur, it is your vision and passion that can change these events into meaningful ventures. Sparking your creativity and ingenuity takes a small flash of inspiration - but a whole lot of hard work and dedication.

In this episode, we invite Lenmar C. Gonzales, an entrepreneur and Sisig Teriyaki genius that has been awarded by Unilever Panlasang Pinoy Food Innovation as one of the top recipes of 2019. He shares his passion and inspiration with food. He gives insights on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how you can create a product of your own through the power of observation - and of course hard work.

If you are interested in food, business, and combining the two, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

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