#77: Elevating Your Business’ Product and Service Through Providing a Unique Experience With Gio Visitation


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Entrepreneurs are born innovators. They seek to become a better version of themselves. They are driven by their passions because of their will to improve themselves and the people around them. If you’re looking to start a venture, where business and passion meet, then by all means go ahead. Entrepreneurship is an open path that we can all take.

We invited Gio Visitation, owner of Good Cup Coffee Company, and the Philippine Brewer’s Cup Champion of 2020. Starting as a DJ, Gio has found his passion for coffee and has found a way to bring quality products and service to Cebu.

In this episode, Gio talks about when, how, and why he has decided to venture into a coffee business. He shares his extensive education with coffee, how he’s established his business in Cebu, and his business’ transition during the pandemic. He also opens up about a sensitive incident that leads them to shift their priorities and vision.

Join us as we talk about coffee, going digital, finding ways to cater to customers, and moving forward despite the many ups and downs. If you’re interested in coffee and good company then this is an episode that you don’t want to miss!

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