#78: The secret to creating, registering, and maintaining your business with Nicole Orcullo


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Not everyone is born an entrepreneur. You must be willing to learn the ropes and learn from your mistakes. Business is way more complicated than it seems to be. Motivation isn't the only thing to take note of when starting a business- you also need good back-office support. A business will not run by itself; oiling the gears and keeping it alive is your task as a business owner.

We invited Nicole Orcullo, Co-founder of Orcullo Business Consultancy, to talk about her entrepreneurial journey and how this has led her to become a successful serial CEO.

Starting from side hustles in her college days, Nicole has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. As an experienced consultant, she walks us through the steps in order to make your business official. She also emphasizes the importance of thinking two steps ahead in business and hiring the right people to handle your back-office.

Join us as we talk about the more technical side of creating a business - from paperwork to taxes. If you want to know the different hints and tips needed to get started in your entrepreneurial journey then this episode is for you!

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