How Might We Design A Radically Different Restorative & Regenerative Business Model? With Joe Iles, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Design Programme Lead & Chris Grantham, IDEO Circular Economy Executive Director


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The linear economy’s, “take, make, waste” approach has been the dominant business model on which our current economy has run since the industrial revolution in the 18th century. And it’s worked... billions of people have been empowered throughout the past few hundred years to live incredible lives with a roof over their head, warm clothes, medicine and now, more luxury products. But in recent years, the core limitation of this model is starting to become clear: the resources on this planet, consumed relentlessly by the linear economy are finite. We now know that if we degrade, pollute and extract continuously... we can't run from the consequences. In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson asks Joe Iles, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Design Programme Lead and Chris Grantham, IDEO Circular Economy Executive Director… how might we create the conditions for designing a radically different restorative and regenerative business model? Joe and Chris share how your businesses can get started with becoming more regenerative and restorative, how brands like Tesco, H&M and Zalando are making this shift and why businesses should prioritize delivering services over selling products.

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