Gaining Confidence And Getting Comfortable With Being A Podcast Host With Podetize Social Media Strategist & Host Whitney Lauritsen Of This Might Get Uncomfortable Podcast


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Being a podcast host is a long, winding game that can get a bit challenging and uncomfortable for many. But by embracing the risks and being comfortable with the difficulties ahead, anyone can make it big in this ever-growing industry. Unraveling the secrets of podcasting career success with Tracy Hazzard is her social media advisor and the co-host of This Might Get Uncomfortable, Whitney Lauritsen. Together, they discuss the best application to use to achieve high-quality audio, the proper way to monetize your show, and how to get the most interesting guests for an even more interesting discussion. Whitney also shares the most effective ways to transform the overwhelming feeling of social media and leverage the power of bite-sized content to benefit your podcast, which is currently showcased in TikTok and Clubhouse.

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