How the Right Energy and Authentic Control of the Podcast Listener Tone Makes More Impact - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Susan Norton of Connecting 2 Spirit


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Every podcast attacks differently. Where others thrive in doing interviews, some people go for a story based and message-driven show. If you are doing the latter, then this episode will be a treat for you! Tracy Hazzard lets us in on one of her on-air podcast coaching sessions with the host of Connecting 2 Spirit, Susan Norton. Together, they discuss what it is like to produce a show like this, zoning in on how you can get the right energy and authentic control of the podcast listener tone to make more impact. They talk about how you can facilitate the experience of your listeners, no matter if they are new to the show or existing ones. Join Tracy and Susan in this episode to learn more about how to bring an authentic show to different types of listeners at different stages.

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