How To Think Carefully About Branding Yourself As A Visionary Founder Or Lead Hungry Podcast Guest With Jeremy Slate Of Create Your Own Life Podcast


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Whether you’re a host or a guest, podcasting is always about your brand. Jeremy Slate, the Founder of Command Your Brand and host of Create Your Own Life, has been a constant presence in both sides of the mic. As a host, he has put out over 800 episodes, featuring guests of such caliber that will leave your jaw dropping. On the other hand, he also makes it a habit to appear in three to five podcasts as a guest. How does he do all of these, among other things that have made his show one of the world’s highest rated? In this insightful conversation with Tracy Hazzard, he spills his secrets in getting the best guests and the most listeners to his show. The biggest takeaway here is how he helps his guests prepare for an interview so that they can position themselves as visionary founders instead on someone who is just looking to increase leads. Listen in for his tips on podcasting as a whole, as well as his unique binge factor.

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