Intangible Business Podcast Success Metrics with Jess Dewell of the BOLD Business Podcast


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In order to create a resilient podcast, you have to be bold and think effectively on your feet. This episode’s guest is a strategic advisor who specializes in working with companies at the critical point in development where they want to make the right decisions right now. Tracy Hazzard interviews Jess Dewell, the host of the BOLD Business Podcast. In this conversation, Jess introduces us to her bold way of doing business and how to solve big problems without expensive solutions. She also talks about how she uses her show, how it works for her, and why she keeps doing it. At its core, Jess’ success comes from the intangible business podcast metrics that she has set up that helped her show grow into what it is today. She shares with us how we can rethink our own metrics to benefit us more while also letting us into the best ways she has found to book great guests, produce a show, monetize, and more.

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