Reaching Busy Executive Women with a Re-energized Podcast Content Strategy - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Elizabeth Bachman, host of Speakers Who Get Results


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Choosing executive leaders as your podcast’s target audience can be tough. With the busyness they face daily, one may think that sitting down to listen to a show is the last thing these people do. That is why you have to make your podcast worth their time because once they do listen, the rewards will just be amazing. So how do you do it? Tracy Hazzard lets us in on her on-air podcast coaching with Elizabeth Bachman, the host of Speakers Who Get Results. Together, they discuss how to reach busy executive women by having a re-energized podcast content strategy. They go in-depth into LinkedIn Live, keeping your existing clients engaged and converting new ones by getting them to take action. Learn how to not only build a number of connections but also quality ones as Tracy and Elizabeth give some tips and tricks to improving your podcast game.

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