A Conversation with Xochitl Ashe on Honoring Our Ancestors


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After profound loss and deep initiation...I felt called to return on the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Originally recorded before the Dia de Los Muertos in 2019 with Xochitl Ashe, a loving hermana and a fifth generation Peruvian Medicine Woman. She is the first woman in a lineage of men and a trauma informed mentor and healer. While many cultures around the world celebrate and honor their ancestors, Mexico is credited for the Dia de Los Muertos and has a long, beautiful tradition of honoring their ancestors. We talk about recognizing souls based on wounds. We met each other in a wave of recognizing souls of folks who have done the work. Creating a new story. Real sisters help each other. Real sisters want to see each other win. Hello, we get to play together!

Patterns of healing competitiveness in Latinx communities. Recognizing it as ancestral trauma created once we were colonized.

How do we honor our past as we heal? Not all ancestors are well and we may have had negative experiences with them. How do we move forward with them?

“We are like trees and we need to focus on our roots so we may blossom,” Xochitl Ashe.

Xochitl shares two ways in which you can honor your Ancestors.

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