Acting days, Meeting Her Twin Flame and the Tantrika Life with Tatiana Dellapiane


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Tatiana and I recorded a podcast over a year and a half ago that I didn’t share and I decided that we should have an updated conversation!

Join us as Tatiana Dellapiane, a sex and relationship expert, who has been diving deep into her own healing during the pandemic shares her journey from acting days, meeting her twin flame, mourning her beloved, late guru Psalm Isadora and the current layers she’s been releasing during the pandemic. Tatiana looks back and shares her path to embracing her tantrika essence and life path.

  • Leaving a sexless relationship and discovering her own desires and sexual self.
  • Acting class and meeting her Twin flame.
  • Shares about her late guru, teacher, mentor and friend, Psalm Isadora.
  • Marriage as initiation in her life.
  • How the pandemic invited her to release the victim consciousness around not being able to accept reality as is.
  • We’re all going through the pandemic in different ways.
  • Her message of self-acceptance and being okay with where we are in our process.


Tatiana Dellepiane is a Tantric Sex and Relationship Expert featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health,, GQ,,, and many more.

Tatiana, like most masterful energy healers, has been a student of energy and sensual choreographic healing for her entire life, studying modalities from around the world.

She's the lead trainer of OYoga and Urban Kama Sutra School. She's the Founder of the SLUT movement to redefine the word slut and help end the stigma around slut shaming.

Tatiana believes in the power of sex to awaken, transform and accelerate our journeys of self-actualization. She is passionate about sharing her personal experiences, lessons and wisdom to empower other women. She offers 1-on-1 coaching, online group courses, and teaches live events in NYC.

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