Boundaries and Our Sacred No with Shirley Johnson


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I had the honor and great pleasure of having Shirley Johnson of Soulistic Wellness on my Bruja Rising Instagram Lives May 8th 2020 and after the lives we jumped on a recording session. My apologies for taking so long for me to share this conversation with this beautiful and generous soul.

Shirley Johnson, Psychotherapist + Energy Healer and Yoga teacher shares her journey from being a daughter of musicians, working in corporate, how the traditional study of psychology gave her more boundaries in her sacred work and why she calls herself an empath in recovery.

Some of the points that came up during our conversation:

  • Everyone is a healer.
  • What we are trying to do out there needs to be done in here ( within ourselves.)
  • We already have it all, we’ve had it since we are born.
  • How boundaries are KEY to being a healthy EMPATH.
  • The medicine in traditional psychology training that connected Shirley with her sacred no.
  • How being a therapist has taught her to observe and honor her boundaries.
  • Why being self-FULL is needed.
  • How business can also create boundaries.

shirley johnson | siri pritam kaur + soulistic wellness

“I’d rather be whole than good.” - Carl Jung

I am interested in wholeness and authenticity in all the work I do. I believe that radical authenticity and acceptance heal. I believe that acknowledging every emotion and desire will set us free. I have been committed to self studying and diving deep into all things healing for the last 15 years. My life is grounded in building consciousness. Outside of my practice, I love Cuban Salsa dance, hip hop music from the 90’s, watercolor painting, hot yoga, and laughing out loud.

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