Coming out of the Bruja Closet and the Scorpio Season


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Bienvenidos y welcome to the Biz Bruja Podcast where reclaiming our powerful intuition, sacred medicina, embracing our magic and & healing ancestral patterns of colonization, oppression and invisibility invoke powerful creations in our own well-being our lives, familias, community and Our businesses! I am the creatrix of this blogcast, the Biz Bruja herself, Vanessa Codorniu, a modern day bruja, 4th generation psychic-medium, an Argentine-American who started reading adults at 16, became a professional intuitive at 22 and now guides creatives/intuitives/healers and entrepreneurs to break thru fears and connect to the practical power of their intuition so they can serve the world powerfully!

  • Introduction: Hola Bruja!
  • Big Poppa Pluto & the Scorpio crowd: Sun, Moon, Venus & Mercury
  • Mercury in Scorpio and Retrograde and facing sombras/shadows and fears
  • Coming out of the Bruja Closet can be quick or slow and it's a process
  • Knowing better doesn't mean we always do better
  • Cycles need to be honored to be aligned with our flow & genius
  • Honoring our Sacred Dead and our Ancestors- even if we don't know or love them
  • Ways to begin to build a relationship with Our Ancestors during this season
  • Creating an altar as a point of focus
  • Allowing ourselves to embrace the different lineages that we carry
  • Part of how we heal our colonization is by reclaiming our power to name, define and discover what was hidden
  • Why reclaiming the Bruja now?
  • Colonizers redefined, reimagined and demonized indigenous, african beliefs including brujas and brujeria
  • Look at the Women as we reclaim and redefine ourselves
  • Practice what you know, get that huevo girl and clear yourself
  • Short meditation asking your Ancestors

You can find me at my new after November 2nd! and in espanol FB Vanessa Codorniu en Español and instagram TheBizBruja_VanessaCodorniu If you are interested in booking a chat to see how I can support you please book a free chat HERE! If you want to get to the core of ancestral patterns, past lives, your business bluprint Astrology chart or learn to read the records yourself let’s connect! I’ve also have several spots open for the Sacred Feminine RISE Retreat in the Lake of Seven Colors Bacalar, Mexico read more HERE

blessings & magic, Vanessa

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