Devotion, Plants & Spirits: Juliet Diaz and her Bruja Path


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It's been a minute! While I started this podcast in October of 2019, three family deaths have delayed me throughout and I keep returning with my Ancestors supporting, of course!

So happy to share this conversation with Juliet Diaz. Christine Gutierrez, author of I am Diosa, introduced us for The Soul Book Masterclass and it was my pleasure to guide a hypnosis for the beautiful group of writers they have gathered- I joined as well!

Juliet's journey is full of magic, truth, heartbreak and powerful transformation and empowerment. She shares her devotion, struggles and early beginnings connecting to plants and feeling the souls in the nearby cemeteries where she grew up as well as how quickly she moved from the life she thought she wanted to the one aligned with her calling and Spirit.

Some of the things we riffed about:

  • How Spirit will shift your life to bring you to change.
  • How we align our paths when we commit to Spirit and our path.
  • We talk about cooking with the Ancestors.
  • How our creative callings are echoes of past lives and ancestor's energies.
  • Giving away our power in love, business or our spirituality.
  • You are capable of being your own hero.

Take a seat brujitas! Get the tea or cafe out and chill cuz this beautiful share will surely support your almas!

Mucho amor, Vanessa


Juliet Diaz is an Indigenous Taino Cubana from a long line of curanderos (Healers) and Brujas on both sides of her parents lineages. A Bohuiti (Healer) of her tribe, Higuayagua. Signs of her natural gifts like, Cosmic Channeling, Seer, plant whispering, energy reading & communication with spirits & other realms shined through at the age of 3. She believes Magic lives within us all and feels passionately about inspiring others to step into their truth. Juliet has devoted her life to helping others weave light, medicine, and Magic into their lives, helping thousands of people come back to self.

She’s the creator of Sagrada Collective an online virtual sanctuary and Co-Founder of The Soul Book Masterclass where she helps people find their soul's voice and turn it into a book. She has a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine and countless certifications in an array of healing modalities.

Featured in major publications like National Geographic, The Atlantic, Wired and Spirit and Destiny UK. Published Author of her bestselling book in its genre, Witchery – Embrace the Witch Within published by Hayhouse

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