Doing The Work: Coming Home in both Resilience and Dysfunction with Dr. Dee


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As we continue to exist under the realities of COVID 19 we have also faced personally and collectively the reality of racism and it's horrifying impact on our black brothers and sisters. With this on my heart, I reached out to Dr. Dee to talk about her work and how she sees us finding a way forwards.

Excited to connect with this powerful mujer, Dr. Dee #thetravelinghealer, doesn't hold back and shares her journey as a young Latina becoming pregnant, stepping into her power and claiming her path as a leader, healer and social justice wayshower. When asked what we need to be doing right now Dr. Dee says," Go Home. Go home and speak with your living ancestors. Talk about what's been said and not said. Go home in all it's resiliency and dysfunction because we've got work to do and it starts at home." We apologize for the sound quality but we really wanted to connect and share her wisdom and even though it's not perfect- we're here and she's sharing some insights that I took on as homework and that you may feel inspired to do as well.

Dr. Dayanara Marte is a first-generation Dominican immigrant dedicated to healing, trauma and social justice and upcoming author of her transformational Every Little Girl Has a Story. Dr. Marte works globally as a trusted advisor, consultant and coach with a wide array of philanthropy, community based cultural and social justice organizations and social service institutions executive directors, essential workers and first responders. With over 25 years of experience, she is renowned for her extraordinary ability to identify the social, spiritual, mental and emotional impact that trauma, oppression and violence have on women’s ability to love, live and lead. Dayanara is creating a movement that places self-healing and healing justice at the core of social justice.Dr. Marte envisions a world where young and adult women powerfully exist, are living into their future, birthing sustainable families and organizations and leading a new world.

Dr. Dayanara Marte, MPH, DSW

CEO/Founder of the World Healing Lab and the People of Color Healing Justice Consortium

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