Money Wounds And Mother Money with Linda Garcia


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Money Wounds And Mother Money with Linda Garcia

My peoples...I have to share this powerful lady and her work. As a daughter of immigrants, I arrived to the US at a year and inherited the "work hard to make money" pattern, I've always known I can make money since I've been on my own in NYC since I am 21. As a spiritual healer and teacher for decades, I've been abundant in my work yet...I knew that it came with quite the amount of work! Taking a deep breath in, I took the class and I am now so excited to invest and open to multiplying my paper. It's been an honor and a pleasure to share this beautiful mujer's journey!

Linda Garcia shares her spiritual and money healing journey from being a child connecting to the moon, being a teenage mom and her corporate career with Telemundo, Netflix and her inspiration for Let There Be Luz Podcast and her current course,” Wealth Rules Everything Around Me.”

We talk about:

  • How the feeling that she had a mission moved her forward.
  • How her intuition guided her around her menstrual cycle.
  • Guiding Latinas into a new relationship with their monthly cycle.
  • How her pregnancy and the birth of her son deepened her spiritual path and mission to share.
  • The transformation during the pandemic that shifted Let There Be Luz podcast to In Luz We Trust and the classes that she's been teaching.


Linda Garcia, California native, born to immigrant parents, double majored in Marketing and International Business in Dallas, Texas. During college she was on air talent for Telemundo and Univision and began to write, produce and direct local TV commercials. Fascinated with storytelling, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and formed part of the startup team that launched the first major Latino Hollywood movie studio, Lionsgate’s, Pantelion Films. In 2012, Linda accepted a position at Netflix where she managed one of the company’s largest assets for Netflix Latin America. She was the driving force behind Spanish subs and dubs for Netflix U.S. Originals and the launch of telenovelas. She went on to launch AT&T’s, Fullscreen and Lionsgate’s, Pantaya streaming service. In September 2018 she closed the door on Hollywood to focus on her podcast, Let There Be Luz, full time. Linda or Luz Warrior as most of her listeners call her, has been strongly embraced by her community, developing an avid listener. Her meditations have rapidly become a community favorite and are now being experienced in corporate settings. She formed part of We All Grow Latina Summit 2019 Storytellers as well as as well as the official curator We All Grow Wellness Day. She most recently uprooted her family from Los Angeles and headed back to Dallas, Texas to continue her life's purpose, in her search to heal wounds specifically tied to wealth building from a unique spiritual perspective.

Find Linda Garcia at @luzwarrior


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