Mothering Our Grief and Humanizing Healing with Angie Yingst


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One of my fav local bicultural Latinx wise women, Angie Yingst and I riff about her experiences and journey about waking up, getting sober and surviving the pre-conceived ideals of what a “spiritual healer” should look like, ie young, thin, blond and white and embracing her own mind, body and spirit as she’s deepened in indigenous shamanic work to heal her own trauma and support her community.

Angie shares her profoundly spiritual experience of giving birth to her child who was stillborn at 38 weeks and how it shifted her awareness that there was a hidden grief that everyone is carrying and how mothering her grief lead her to expressing grief through art work. She began painting little bodissatva Japanese mitsuko giso (that were invented by women in the 50s to express grief around stillbirth/miscarriage and abortion.) She created over 1000 of them and sent them to women who were grieving all over the world. Realizing she was channeling this energy, she began to explore psychic development and healing.

"I don’t care about love and light, I care about shadow and how are you going to make meaning of that. The healing doesn’t look like you’re forever a twenty-year old, the healing looks like you did the work," says Angie Yingst.

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Angie Yingst is an Earth Medicine Practitioner specializing in crystal healing and shamanic healing techniques. She is certified as a Certified Crystal Healer, an Advanced Crystal Master, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Earth Medicine Practitioner.

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