New Moon in Gemini Musings & Meditation


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Was heading to bed and realized that the New Moon in Gemini was upon us and you know, I had to do it! Ever since I met Walter Mercado on my television as a six-year old, I have been fascinated with the stars and what motivates, inspires and heals people. The new moon is a time for new beginnings and in airy-Gemini it brings a breath of fresh air that we definitely need since we've been under the weight of three retrogrades, shifts in the nodes and the Capricorn induced structural shifts that ushered us into 2020. This new moon invites us to hold the duality of loss, grief and the unknown as we also explore possibilities, communication and more play. Sounds like opposites and the Gemini twin energy of air and versatility can help us feel it all, explore it and learn to communicate in a more loving manner with ourselves and others.

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