Season 2: Full Moon in Leo: A Heartfelt Invitation to Shine


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Yasssss we made it through Brujitx! Last year was an initiation into facing our shadows, loss, grief, change, gratitude, deepening our connection with our spirit, shifting, pivoting and healing with a capital H. We all went through 2020 yet we did not go through it the same. Each of us had our own journey.

Some folks took a pause, others jumped into the fray and held space for communities. All of you, and I have the honor of meeting so many of you, courageously made time for healing and re-creating community.

For me it felt like what I had been preparing all my life. I started reading business owners at 16, represented by a entertainment company at 22, initiated at 23 and guiding circles for over a decade when I came online. If there was ever a call for me to rise as teacher and space holder, this was it! I thank each an everyone of you for listening, supporting, sharing, enrolling in the courses of The School of the Healing Artes- most of all, I thank you for showing up for YOUR ancestors, for your espiritu and for being the chain breakers of ancestral patterns that no longer serve.

Gracias de Corazon! I am so excited for your rising, your shining and your creations that I have been sharing on instagram and for the sacred spaces you have created in your hearts, your families and communities. I know as we have healed, survived and thrived 2020- that we are ready for the tremendous changes that our world needs to go through to honor all people, moving human rights and social justice center stage. We are still preparing, knowing it will take time but we know that it's the only way for us to create the world that every child deserves.

In the episode:

* Deep gratitude and a quick review of 2020

* The Cycles of the Moon and how they reflect our own cycles and rhythms of creation.

* The Full Moon inspiring us to the stage, to speak our truth and to SHINE- releasing all that is not us, remembering that we truly are whole and have always been.

* Spirit messages delivered in this talk.

* Someone on instagram asked," How do I approach social media as a new business? There's so much available, I feel pressured and I wind up backing off." I share my experience and an invitation.

* A short meditation, a time to drop in and witness anything that is constricting our sovereignty and our fullest expression

I hope this episode has served you queridos

Mucho amor!


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