The Biz Bruja Podcast Episode 3: Star Wisdom for 2020 with Milada Sakic


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Hello my beloved Brujas! A blessed 2020 and thank you for writing, commenting and supporting this podcast! It was born quickly and with fiery passion! Returning now after the sudden passing of my Papi and my Mami's illness. I've been diving deep in service, healing, grief and communication with the other side.

For our FIRST episode in 2020 ( Episode 3) please let me introduce to you my Star sister and astrology mentor, Milada Sakic! She is from Bosnia, survived the unrest in her youth and moved to Canada where she has honed her ancestral gifts of astrology, healing, singing and spiritual communication. Upon leaving her corporate career behind, she has devoted her soul gifts to helping leaders, healers and intuitives to THRIVE in their businesses through their awareness and ability to leverage their star gifts and destinies! MILADA SAKIC (financial and business astrologer, healer, and teacher) is known for her inspiring astrology writing and intuitive coaching about the ongoing planetary shifts and cosmic cycles. In her private and group coaching programs, Milada helps healers and creative visionaries to be clear, consistent, and relevant in their marketing and emerge as a leading voice in their niche. She is teaching her next beginner astrology course Daily Prosperity & Astrology of Wholeness starting in January 2020 and Milada’s next Astrology for Business - Advanced annual group training is coming up in March 2020. You can connect and follow her astro updates on Facebook and visit her website at for more information.

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