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Join us for this real talk with OG brujas, Vanessa and Anita! We begin with a gentle meditation and flow into Anita’s journey with her intuition, sexual healing and Orisha energy showing up to guide her on her life's journey. Anita shares the re-imagined inspirational story of Yemaya set in a historical period that will be published later this year in 2020 under the title Shallow Waters. We get real about alchemizing healing, intuitive business, sexual trauma and healing, her documentary and growing her beautiful family. We laugh, we tear up and as OG healers we knew changes were coming and that we are READY!

Some conversation points:

* How Orishas and guiding energies have shown up in our lives

* Multi-tasking and focus as we manage our lives and business.

* Alchemizing and clients doing their sacred work.

* How our wounds bring us to our soul purpose and Anita shares about her sexual abuse and her sexual healing.

* Ancestral trauma and how it can affect our children.

* Following Spirit and finding ways to do the work you feel called to do no matter the obstacles.

* Showing our wounds and the act of being seen heals us.

* Tending our seeds of creation and having patience.

* Sexual trauma and ways of protecting ourselves.

* Falling in love with shadow, sadness and the deep waters.

Anita Kopacz is a Pleasure Alchemist, Spiritual Psychologist, award-winning writer & Activist. She was Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soul Magazine for five years. Before that, Anita was the Managing Editor of BeautyCents Magazine. Anita received her Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley and MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is also a certified Tantra Coach, the author of the book FINDING YOUR WAY and the creator of the Zero F’s Given Campaign.

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