Regenerative Farming: Jenae shows us the healing power of grass fed beef


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Jenae Williams aka @wholelife4you shows us the power of eating meat from animals raised on regenerative farms. Jenae healed herself and her family by focusing on locally grown foods from regenerative farms and is working to bring that message to her church community. She is so passionate about the power of meat raised on regenerative farms that she is working with her church to create a farmer’s market with farms that use regenerative agriculture methods. Listen to her story and give regenerative meat a try. You can reach out to Jenae Williams for coaching if you need assistance on health and wellness, message her on Facebook or Instagram. or @wholelife4u Regenerative farming is a holistic approach to farming and raising animals that produces healthier food for people, restores topsoil, and respects animals and their natural behaviors. Regeneratively farmed meats are good for animals, good for people, and good for the planet. Use my code “ede10” for 10% off at Belcampo Farms Belcampo Farms includes a carefully curated network of certified farmers committed to regenerative agriculture. Belcampo’s animals are raised on acres of regeneratively farmed pastures where they’re free to roam and graze. Their quality of life—open air, fresh feed, and low stress handling techniques—result in meat that is higher in nutrients and healthy fats than conventionally raised alternatives.

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