Operation Mind F*ck, Black Iron Prison & Zen Scallywags with Jack Heart


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In this episode we were joined by the proprietor and publisher at TEK_Gnostic Media, creator and curator at tekgnostic.com, and author of the Tek-Gnostic trilogy, Jack Heart!

Jack joined us to talk about all the work he does over at Tek-Gnostics, and the particular work he did in his “Blows Against the Empire” 5 part Series. We covered how to fight against the Empire, the Black Iron Prison, the Discordians and Operation Mind F*ck. Jack gave us a summary of his three part trilogy he has written which contains some interesting history going back to WWII. We talked about Carl Jung, synchronicity, and some of the work Robert Anton Wilson has done. This was an excellent free flowing discussion we thouroughly enjoyed and we know you will too!


You can find Jack at: https://tekgnostics.blogspot.com



Instagram: @tekgnostics

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