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“The White Tiger” - The Blade Dive Podcast, Episode 10 we are joined by Elia Hamilton. A native of western Massachusetts, Hamilton is a highly respected contributor to the Snow Industry and has made significant impacts to both the overarching business that is Terrain Park programs and its operators... through multiple channels and platforms, such as Peak Resorts, Cutters Camp, Carinthia Parks out of Mt. Snow, Somerset, VT, USA.

  • Growing up in New England, Elia Hamilton found adventure by exploring his local landscape with his dog and building jumps for his tonka trucks in the dirt. Being given the freedom to figure out what his interests were, Hamilton quickly found Snowboarding, by way of Skateboarding. Elia gets his savvy business practices from growing up, working in the family owned Restaurant.

  • Visiting and spending time at Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA, as much as possible, Elia Hamilton’s passion for Snowboarding continued to grow. With a shift of Mountain structure and the local Terrain Park program moving from Patrol to Mountain Operations management, with just one phone call, the potential for a sustainable career within the Snow industry was realized and Hamilton seized this opportunity to venture into the world of Terrain Parks.

  • Constantly on the pursuit to perfect his craft, Elia Hamilton once again saw a chance to broaden, level up and hone his skill set by venturing into the Construction industry. Hamilton’s ability to advocate for the industry by making contributions to an ASTM committee, and being on panels at Cutters Camp is a testament to how deep his passion and performance for a product and the industry’s operators, truly does go!

Elia Hamilton’s list of accomplishments is long and he has held titles like Mountain Manager, at Mt.Snow as well as Director of Freestyle Terrain and VP of Terrain Park Development for Peak Resorts. This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to chat at length with Hamilton and we cover the industry stigma of ‘the boys club’ and his advocacy for a shift in this mentality and structure... his vision for training and development of employees, the emphasis and value he places on people and their worth as well as his opinion and influence on what the future holds for the snow industry.
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