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“For The Love Of The Game” - The Blade Dive Podcast, Episode 11 we are joined by Jeremy Cooper. A giant in the snow industry, Cooper has always been passionate about progression. Whether it’s people, Terrain Parks or his own life... the current local to Utah from Lovettesville, Virginia is not afraid to step outside of the box in order to advance programs and brands that he has led such as June Mountain Terrain Parks, I Ride Park City, Snowbasin Terrain Parks and Boyne Resorts.

  • Growing up, taking childhood family ski trips to places like Seven Springs, Pennsylvania or Snowshoe, West Virginia, Jeremy Cooper was seeing first hand just how captivating the mountains can be. Off the snow, Coopers passion for Baseball developed, right along side an interest in skiing. Coopers weekend warrior vibe for skiing continued at White Tail Resort, Pennsylvania, during High School, and from there the passion for skiing only grew . As a last minute adventure across country, in 1998, Cooper applied for a job as an Alpine Groomer with Vail, Colorado and was hired as a rookie operator. Not totally in love with the job, but absolutely hooked on operating heavy equipment, Cooper moved back to Virginia that Spring, to run dump trucks and rock crusher units.

  • Fast forward to 2002 and a Marketing / Print Ad for Mammoth Mountain, California.... this sparks for Jeremy Cooper, his next idea for a trip across country with his brother, mapping out not only the road, but housing and a job. Cooper’s season at Vail helped him land an opportunity grooming at Mammoth Mountain, under Clifford Mann and Oren Tanzer as a co-managed, Snow Surfaces Department. During Cooper’s time at Mammoth, he contributed to projects like Superpark and the Orage Masters, amongst big name operators such as Peter Colombo, Joe Genovese & Mike Gerstner. Cooper went on to spend time operating at Falls Creek, Australia, and while down under, would help build the then signature event in the country, Style Wars.

  • June Mountain, California and then Park City Mountain Resort, Utah would eventually become Terrain Park canvases for Jeremy Cooper, not only for building features, but for the recruitment and development of employees who would go on to pursue passions of their own, within the snow industry. With events such as Women’s Superpark, Grenade Games, Holy Bowly and The Launch, as well as managing the Park City All Star team, the caliber of athlete and quality of people around Cooper would eventually help him rebound after his position was made redundant during the Vail acquisition of Park City Mountain Resort.

Jeremy Cooper is currently the Vice President of Mountain Sports Development for Boyne Resorts but that heavy hitter title doesn’t mean he won’t pick up a rake or install snowmaking pipe, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Episode 11 is a deep dive into the journey of Coopers awe inspiring career. An incredible storyteller, Cooper discusses his time in Mammoth, living in mountain towns, detailed memories of Australia, his passion for Baseball as well as what it’s like to surround yourself with like minded positive people. A believer and straight up advocate for team work, Cooper is currently most excited about mentoring the next generation of operators.
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