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“The People’s Champ” - The Blade Dive Podcast, Episode 12 we are joined by Kevin Soller. A local to Breckinridge who’s passion for the outdoors is derived from being a product of his environment... Summit County, Colorado. A Professional cyclist and mountain biker at one point, Kevin’s need for speed transcends to snow with Alpine & Nordic racing. Sollers obsession with machines and operating equipment on dirt and snow had manifested a curiosity that took over and landed Kevin in the operator seat at events like Dew Tour Breckinridge, CO, US Open Vail CO, X Games Aspen, CO.

  • Born in Frisco, CO and having access to Colorado as his back yard, Soller explored skiing at an early age, but developed a love for biking that grew into a pro cyclist career and took him all over the world. His professional cycling career spanned 10 years, but unfortunately pivoted when Soller was badly injured in Europe and was hospitalized. After nearly 100 stitches, a head injury and thoughts of no longer racing, Soller returned to the states to recoup.

  • Seeing a sustainable career in equipment, Kevin Soller began to ask himself all the right questions and sought the help of operators such as Nicholas Symon & Mark Daigler in order to gain the proper perspective of what a good operator skill set should look like. Soller didn’t want to sit in a machine to accomplish solely the completion of the task at hand, Soller wanted to retain knowledge and figure out which machine he enjoyed operating the most. Currently his machine of choice is the spider excavator and preferred locations are steep embankments at 30 degrees or steeper.

  • Getting an opportunity to work on swing shift with the Alpine crew at Breckinridge, CO specifically in a winch cat....Soller developed an understanding for what maintaining skier access should look like. Becoming efficient at moving bulk amounts of snow, Kevin saw that every role within a team of operators is key. Kevin Soller will tell you that that he did not get where he is today without help and that learning from your mistakes is more important than making them.

Operators are sometimes painted as uneducated, almost as if the machine was a last resort career choice. Kevin Soller has proved that theory incorrect.... he believes not everyone can operate a machine but asking yourself the right questions and seeking help that increases your knowledge is the best foot you can put forward. Episode 12 is a deep dive into the life and career of Soller, and we discuss planning ahead, being yourself, coming to the job prepared and remembering that if you’re perspective is open and if you surround yourself with positive people... good things happen.
Enjoy... and if you're in the machine, go ahead and TURN THE VOLUME UP!
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