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“Destoy it!” The Blade Dive - Episode 14 we are joined by Caleb Hamilton, a journeyman in the Snow Industry. Originally from Maine, specifically Sunday River Resort, Hamilton was around the industry, from a very young age. Hamilton eventually went on to make a full-time career for himself as well as building his own brand which he leveraged and elevated, designing and constructing Terrain Parks for resorts across North America. Not only did Hamilton leave an impact on resort programs, he would ultimately end up designing a GPS unit and travel the globe.
An operators kiddo, it was only a matter of time before Caleb Hamilton got behind the sticks. Scott Hamilton, Caleb's father, would take his kids for ride alongs on nights that it was possible to do so. Hamilton recalls using jackets to curl up on the floor of the passenger seat to get comfortable, as he'd stare up through the cab at the night sky, in awe! Developing a passion for resort operations, Hamilton would eventually create "Destoy", a Terrain Park Consulting company, that would place Hamilton at resorts like Blue Mountain, PA and Sugarbush Resort, VT that welcomed his consulting efforts and expertise.
Hamilton is no stranger to challenges and pursued opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, where learning how to manage the science behind the snow, surfaces and people within the Freestyle Grooming department at Mt. Hood, taught Hamilton the art of patience. Hamilton would eventually manage the ‘digger crew’ at Windells Snowboard Camp, OR and attempted to instill within that team a vision of building a superior product in the most professional way possible.
Caleb Hamilton shares his work experience in Alaska, recounts the animals encountered as well as the methodology that came with the job and operating in a pretty remote and operationally challenging environment. We discuss what it was like developing the Raven Cruiser, a GPS system that was, but is no longer, mounted in the cab of machines.
Caleb Hamilton is an all round rad human, all about the smiles per minute and during his time within the Snow Industry, attempted to help others understand that the process of how you go about your business, is pivotal to success. Being a perfectionist, taking great pride in how he presents himself and produces his work, Hamilton saw his fair share of mistakes but as a result, grew and learned from them. This episode is a deep blade dive into Hamilton’s life and career. We discuss what its like to transition out of a Snow Industry, toxic positivity, the highs and lows of Terrain Park management and that knowing your customer/consumer/audience, will not only help you personally and professionally thrive, but will elevate the overall product offering, within programs and operations.

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