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The Blade Dive, Episode 31 - We are Joined by the Colorado native that comes from California roots, Kyle Markman. Growing up Surfing, Skateboarding and snowboarding on the West Coast, on Seal Beach, California… the Markman family would eventually move to Durango, Colorado. Having read Snowboarder Magazine, Kyle Markman took an interest in Snowboarding via the power of print. Markman would later land jobs in a Snowcat at Purgatory Ski Area, CO… Keystone, CO… Eldora Mountain, CO.
Kyle Markman is no stranger to pushing the limits of his own Snowboarding, but he’s also constantly focusing on pushing the limits of what he can do in a Snowcat. Markman gravitated to transition builds and Zaugg operations, in an attempt to separate himself from other operators, Markman claims to have been building Zaugg features when Zaugg operations wasn’t cool.
Pushing the limits doesn’t come without risk. Markman has 26 broken bones and has not only learned how to pick himself up off the ground but knows first hand how much of a commitment it is to be a master builder and put the trade skill above all else. Markman has been a part of Superpark, Women’s Superpark and The Launch, all of which were created by Snowboarder Magazine. Kyle was a part of the legendary A51 park at Keystone and is the previous Manager of the Terrain Park at Eldora.
Episode 31 is an interesting listen. The conversation with Markman is assumed to be filled with ego, based on the Resume bullet points listed above. But the reality is that it’s really not. We talk about real life shit, from mental health to depression and anxiety. We cover what it’s like to be a dad and be a Snowcat operator, that physical health is so important, whether progression is linked to a wide marketing net, is the local valued, how the playlist evolves during the build and as always…the prediction of the future.
Enjoy... and if you're in the machine, go ahead and TURN THE VOLUME UP!
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