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The Blade Dive Episode 33 - We are joined by the humble, genuine and all round' badass Snowcat operator…Ty Weed! Hailing from Canada, Weed was eventually placed around creditable and highly influential operators such as Charles Beckinsale, Lucas Ouellette and Steve Petrie. Ty Weed has contributed to Whistler Blackcomb, Canada's Terrain Park for almost two decades and in doing ,so landed an awesome opportunity with Arena Snowparks. Ty Weed has built features for brands and companies such as Monster Energy, Redbull, Matchstick Productions and FIS.
Growing up in Pitt Meadows, Canada, Ty Weed took an interest in board sports early on. So much though, that being outside was where Weed was happiest. With a nudge from school leadership, Weed was able to pursue volunteer work at the near by mountain, Mount Seymour, Canada.
Ty Weed, would later adventure towards Whistler. To pay the bills initially, Weed was a door man, checking ID’s at the local watering hole. Eventually Weed would land an interview for Park Crew, and the rest is history. Enter Lucas Ouellette, and a friendship that is treasured and a job with Arena Snowparks. Weed still operates Snowcats, but in recent years has created his own Home Inspection business. Ty Weed is well respected by many and to this day, continues to be sought after for industry insight and advice on building techniques.
Episode 31 is a really interesting listen into the life and career of someone who is so passionate about the Snowboard community but absolutely treasures his family time at home. We discuss “The Stoke” and what it means to each of us, being a parent and operating on swing shift and the sincere value of surrounding yourself with good people. The conversation was so much fun.
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