The Blade Dive || Episode 34 || Jay Rydd & Day Franzen || Part 2


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The Blade Dive, Episode 34 - We are joined by New Jersey native, Jay Rydd and Virginia Southerner, Day Franzen. These two are big players in the Snow Industry and have worked for resorts and companies such as Mammoth Mountain, Diamond Peak, Mountain High, Heavenly, Pistenbully and more. As the co-founders and masterminds of the Kingvale Terrain Park Project, Jay Rydd and Day Franzen are no strangers to park programs and they both have an acute awareness of the value of relationships and combining their skills to produce the best possible outcome.
After spending time on snow in New Jersey and Virginia, both Franzen and Rydd left for the West Coast and landed in Lake Tahoe and Southern California. Eventually meeting at a Mammoth Mountain Job Fair, Franzen asked Rydd what he was doing leaving his Slope Manager job at Diamond Peak, to groom at Mammoth Mountain... The two would eventually leave Mammoth and create Kingvale, a then groundbreaking now iconic program in the Terrain Park world, that is best left described by the visionaries and creators themselves.
Episode 34 is an in depth conversation that truly was too broad to be one single episode... we cover so much material that we would be remiss, did we not share. In Part 2 we discuss the East Coast resorts and the positive impact on skiers and riders , how to speak and present to your General Manager, the chronological career journey to Kingvale, losing Kingvale and it’s reincarnation, the Park Pro joystick, The Formatic and more!
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