Episode 103 - Shawn Diprete


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Switching things up a bit with Episode 103 and getting back to a BMX racer. There is none better than Shawn Diprete from Massachusetts. Listening to Shawn describe his focus and intensity is pretty amazing. Some pretty important lessons in here for the younger generations as Shawn talks about the importance of staying out of trouble during those important years of development, the teens and early 20's. Shawn doesn't sugar coat the effect of his actions and how they came to be. The amazing part of Shawn's story is that he was able to put that energy into winning BMX titles, the most important being the 2013 USABMX National #1 Cruiser title. That means he had the most points with all age groups combined. There is only one winner each year and in the Northeast he has the only #1 title ever awarded. I loved that Shawn is searching for the fun in riding bikes after 4 decades of competitive BMX racing. He still loves racing but wants to let that competitive focus ease up a bit and learn how to have fun again. I'm pretty sure Jason Carnes' Berm Academy tour was a catalyst for this thought process as they toured around riding DJ and BMX bikes. Until next time, be safe and have fun! Big thanks to Powers Bike Shop for the sponsoring the show and Old Bones Therapy for co-sponsoring. Support those that support the podcast, thank you! Podcast graphics by Nagoo Productions, thanks Todd! Podcast photo by BMXActionPhotography.com

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