Episode 105 - Tim Strelecki Part 2


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Part 2 of the Tim Strelecki podcast! I hope you have listened to Part 1 before Part 2 but there is really no wrong direction when listening to Tim Strelecki talk! This entire podcast is amazing but the take away is absolutely toward the end of the interview. Tim mean what he says and we should all pause to ponder what this message may mean to you as a friend of someone that needs an ear to listen or someone have a difficult time with addiction. We all have something. We also have the ability to help ourselves and others. Pick up that phone. Answer that call. You just never know. Thank you Tim and Darcy Strelecki for the hospitality and visit. It may have been the longest and fastest trip for #thebmxinourblood but I have had a hunch for a while that this interview had to happen for so many reasons. I hope you are as grateful as I am that Tim was able to share his story. Send him the love and appreciation he deserves for being as strong as he is. There is only one Tim Strelecki and we are so fortunate to have him with us. Thank you Tim, for everything you are and will always be. Thank you Powers Bike Shop for continuing to sponsor the show along with Old Bones Therapy the co-sponsor. You can find these great people at: powersbmx.com powersbmxmuseum.com oldbonestherapy.com Don't forget the Ride For Recovery fundraiser at the Trumbull BMX Track on July 26th, just two weeks away! Can't wait to see how well we can do for this amazing non-profit! You can learn more about them at road2recovery.com Podcast announcement created by Todd Breau with the photo by Tedd Nelson. Thanks guys!

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