Episode 111 - Jane McCarthy RN


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Most of what I do in life are spontaneous yet thoughtful moves, this interview with Jane is one of them. I first zoned in on Jane McCarthy's work as an RN during the pandemic when I read a few of her Facebook posts that were, we'll say, written under extreme stress during the late winter/early spring of the rapid onset of Covid. She was accurate in her reasoning and frustrated at the lack of concern. At that time it was more of a light hearted joke relating the virus to Corona beer. Honestly, even those little things contributed to more complacency, in my opinion. I have known Jane and her family for a few years now as we end up at a lot of the same events and their volunteering at mine. Listening to Jane tell her story can be heartbreaking at times. If you are like me in any way you may have been suspect during the early onset of Covid...it only hurts the weak and old, it's no worse than the flu, etc. I feel like an idiot after listening to Jane tell her story of working huge hours and trying to protect her husband and children from her Covid exposure at her job at the hospital. If you take just one thing from this podcast let it be this, if you don't think the threat is real, think about the others in your life. It is far bigger than you. The preventive measures required are the least you can do for your fellow humans in this crazy world we live in. So mask up, clean up and stop the spread...for others, not just you.

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