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Chris and Jonathan interview Jen Novakovich, a science communicator and cosmetic chemist, on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the safety and efficacy of cosmetics and over-the-counter beauty products… and the drivel you need to be warned against.

2:03 Jen’s career path

4:20 Reversing the signs of aging

7:21 How much should you pay for a moisturizer?

9:37 The regulation of therapeutic claims

13:02 Topical vitamin C or niacinamide?

15:24 Hyaluronic acid or glycerin

16:55 Snail mucin

18:26 Coenzyme Q10

19:32 Tea extract

20:30 Collagen

21:09 Sunscreen and its detractors

25:15 It’s the dose that makes the poison

27:00 How sensitization can lead to skin allergy

31:28 Exfoliants

35:56 The issues with the clean beauty movement

38:00 Animal testing

42:10 When should you throw out makeup?

45:21 Lipsticks and sunscreen

46:48 Can lip balm cause a dependence?

51:20 The new hand sanitizers

53:26 Toxic sanitizers recalled

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