Ghost Stories of Old New York (ALIVE at Joe's Pub)


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EPISODE 342 Prepare to hear a few spirited stories in a whole new way.

For the past couple years hosts Tom Meyers and Greg Young have also done a LIVE cabaret version of their annual ghost story show at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater. For reasons related to the fact that it’s the hellish year of 2020, we cannot bring you a live performance this year.

But we miss the wonderful Joe’s Pub so much – and we miss being with our listeners in a cabaret setting with cocktails – that we’re presenting to you a live recording of our last show at the storied venue, recorded on Halloween night 2019, featuring pianist and composer Andrew Austin and vocalist Bessie D Smith.

Prepare to hear new versions of your favorite ghost stories including:

-- A Brooklyn house haunting that may be related to the spectres from a colonial-era prison ship;

-- A famous murder trial from the year 1800 and a mysterious well that still stands in the neighborhood of SoHo;

-- The ghosts (or other supernatural entities) which guard the treasure of the famous Captain Kidd; and

-- The mournful secrets of a famed Broadway theater and the inner demons of a Hollywood icon.

With an all new ghostly tale -- WHO HAUNTS THE FORMER ASTOR LIBRARY?

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