Barbara Diaz de Leon: A Transformation Of Both Health And Mindset


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At 57, today’s guest Barbara de Leon is healthier than ever after years of constant fatigue, body-wide joint pain, a case of hypertension so severe it required 2 different types of medication, painful digestive issues that led to trying out veganism, mood imbalances, and also, a complete loss of zest for life. But after years of suffering, Barbara is 30 pounds lighter, healthy, happy, and helping many others feel the same way.

Barbara founded Daily Wellness for You in the hope of helping women transform their lives after she experienced her own personal health transformation after years of suffering. In this episode you’ll hear about how Barabra successfully lost 30 pounds and her experience with chronic Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, elevated heavy metals, and genetic detox issues. You’ll learn how Barbara managed to cure herself of all the debilitating symptoms, got her blood pressure back to normal without any medications, kept off the weight she lost for good, and most importantly, how she regained her zest for life.

Barbara is a Health Coach through the Primal Health Coach Institute and the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, and previously worked in the Healthcare Administration sector for many years as an RN. As a coach, she utilizes simple nutrition and lifestyle changes to help women lose weight, regain energy and start living life again. Her clients enjoy more than just the benefits of sustained weight loss—they also experience improved energy, reduced inflammation, improved digestion, and increased strength and confidence.


Today’s guest is a woman who has had a complete turnaround from a lifetime of illness. [01:30]

Barbara’s health was deteriorating even as early as her thirties with fatigue and female problems. [06:06]

Not until Barbara adopted the primal lifestyle, did the “magic” happen. [09:23]

Diet was a big part of her transition. [12:02]

The turning point for her when she was struggling as a vegetarian was when she heard a lecture called “Delete the Wheat.” [17:36]

It is hard to change from rigid beliefs and try new foods. [20:01]

With her transformation, Barbara changed her physique. [24:26]

Her mindset was a big piece of the change. [26:51]

Serotonin is made in the gut and it has a huge function on our brain. [30:13]

If you feel like you are not getting the right answers from your medical provider, keep looking. [33:28]

Why is chicken ranked below beef? And what about plant proteins? [40:01]

When you are eating animal proteins, you are getting the vegetables that the animal ate as well. [43:20]

How did she heal the leaky gut? [46:50]

Her exercise regimen connected everything in the journey. She started slowly. [49:26]

Barbara is now a health coach using her life experience and training. [56:20]


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