Boosting Testosterone And Avoiding The Slippery Slope Downhill, Part 3 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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In part three, we get into the last two practices and habits that either hurt or help testosterone: relationships and exercise patterns.

Relationships play a huge role in the quality of both your physical and emotional wellbeing, and this show reveals the most effective relationship tips from experts like John Gray and John Gottman. You’ll learn about why John Gray advocates for going with the flow and never being reactive, the #1 thing men need to protect their partner from (the answer may surprise you!), and why arguments have a depleting effect on testosterone levels. You’ll also learn how your hormones are positively (and negatively) affected by the types of workouts you perform, how to do explosive workouts correctly, the harmful effects of chronic cardio (causing male hormone levels to tank, promoting fat storage, suppressing immune function), and the importance of performing physical work for strength and resilience.


Since the 1980s male’s testosterone has been dropping steadily at a rate of 1% a year. [01:41]

In your relationships, learn to be the Kung Fu Master staying calm, cool, and collected. [03:58]

There is a level of potential destruction when you choose to engage. Even if you say “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it?”, it can’t be taken back. [08:25]

Relationships are designed to make you happier, not to fill a void. Think about what you have to offer, rather than what you get out of it. [10:10]

You are either a team or not a team. [11:33]

The exercises you do and how you do them affect your testosterone level. [13:16]

If you slow down in many ways, you can get healthier and faster. [15:01]

You don’t have to do chronic cardio to be in shape. It’s better to do explosive bits. [19:37]

Challenge your muscles to maximum output and then you are through. [24:38]

You must do these exercises correctly or risk injury. [31:23]

It’s a good idea to do the MAF test to see if you’re keeping the suggested heart rate as you measure your performance. [34:30]

Even the top performers in athletic endeavors can have a bad day. When that happens it is very likely they have overdone it in their training. [36:39]

You should also monitor your energy level at rest. [40:44]


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