Brad’s Complete Daily Routine: Fitness, Food, Fun, Focus And More! Part 1 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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I’ve had a few recent requests to provide details about my eating patterns, workout routine, and general daily behaviors. Hopefully it will be valuable to take a journey through an entire day as I present an honest and authentic accounting of the good, bad, and ugly of my typical day.

Spoiler alert: My morning exercise routine is the thing I want to most promote and inspire you to adopt, because it has been life changing over the past five years. In the extreme “needs to improve” category is my penchant for digital distraction and poor prioritization during the workday at my computer. This blockbuster two-part show is my effort to present the real me, enhance your perspective when I talk about all matters of health, fitness, positive habits and peak performance, and strengthen our connection as we continue to strive together to be the best we can be. The detail I provide in this show will hopefully get you thinking about your behavior patterns, blind spots, needs to improve areas, and things that are working well for you. Quarantine has caused a major upheaval in the way many people go about their day and job responsibilities, and we have a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity to better custom-design a healthy, active, stress-balanced day. Both my career and life have been based at home for decades, so I could pose as an expert promoting a home-based work day!

Here is what we will cover in part 1: Waking up in the morning, striving for consistent bedtime and wake up habits; my award-winning morning exercise routine, and the wide-ranging benefits of immediately starting your day with a devoted movement routine that gets you exposed to fresh air and direct light and keeps you away from the tailspin of distraction reaching for your phone. We also talk about how to start small and build winning behaviors into habit, and then I detail six different workouts that I might do on the heels of my morning routine: sprinting and/or jumping practice at the track, home-based strength sessions with the X3 bar, Stretch Cordz, hexagonal deadlift bar, and pull-up bar providing plenty of options; the Body By Science “Big-5” workout on machines at the gym (as detailed in the Dr. Doug McGuff podcast), plus some fun add-on pre-hab/re-hab stuff that I can only do with gym apparatus; a quick sprint workout on the high-tech CAROL stationary bike; or a Speedgolf outing where I jog a quick nine-holes before dark or do a modified “cart Speedgolf” session where I do wind sprints instead using the cart instead of running the whole way.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for part 2!


The world has changed allowing people to be more flexible on their personal time for exercise. [01:20]

Brad is a sleep machine. Try to get back to your natural circadian rhythm. [05:27]

If you’ve had a high intensity workout during the day, it helps your sleep. [10:45]

It may be genetics, because some people really don’t seem to need as much sleep. [11:42]

The first thing upon awakening, Brad has a vigorous exercise routine. [18:14]

A recent survey contends that 84% of Americans reach for their phone upon awakening.


Brad’s morning routine is his number one health tip that he has to offer. [23:16]

Getting sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning is important. [24:40]

It’s a good idea to do the exact same thing every day for your morning routine. [28:17]

There are four facets required to be successful in habit change: make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying. [35:21]

Attach the new habit you want to do, to a habit you already have. [38:46]

Occasionally, Brad will finish his morning routine and then go into a nice workout. [50:06]

Unfortunately, we have been socialized to think that fitness is achieved through struggle and suffering…no pain, no gain. [53:31]

A kinder, gentler approach to exercise is encouraged. [55:19]

Some of the workout options Brad chooses from are: cold exposure, sprinting or jumping at the track, and gym workout. [58:09]

Sprinting is where you are going to get the best benefits for your physique. [01:06:30]

Brad describes his template for jumping workout. [01:14:55]

The big FIVE workout in the gym is described by Dr. McGuff. [01:15:57]

Brad has a nice setup at home. [01:20:27]

Speed golf is back on the plate for Brad after a 5-year hiatus where he focused on high-jumping. [01:34:32]



  • “Respect the sun, and when the sun sets, honor it.”
  • “Only the disciplined ones are free.” (Kipchoge)

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