Brian Gryn: Evaluating Popular Fitness And Fat Loss Strategies


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I welcome Brian Gryn, long-time trainer and coach, expert in all things fasting and strength training, and host of the Get Lean, Eat Clean podcast to the show for a conversation about evolving fitness strategies and effective fat loss methods.

We talk about how to identify the exact elements of your lifestyle that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts, whether it’s diet, lack of accountability or lack of belief in yourself (or something else that you haven’t yet realized) as well as how to most effectively create practical strategies that actually work for you. Brian then breaks down the many benefits that come with taking a minimal approach to high intensity training and we discuss the importance of utilizing the Carnivore Scores guide in order to maximize the nutrient density of your diet. We also touch on the topic of snacking, and Brian explains why it can be helpful to eradicate this habit if you are not yet at the point where you feel like you can eat just two meals a day.


A minimal approach to training can generate huge results. [02:06]

It is believed that one burns the same number of calories each day whether we exercise or not. [08:23]

There is a mental side of dealing with excess weight that is important to look at. [09:27]

There may be a part of you thinking that you don’t deserve to change. [12:48]

Having a third party work with you is helpful. [14:41]

What has Brian seen with his clients that really didn’t click? [17:41]

People rarely change their minds. [20:05]

One does not need to work out for hours to have an effective workout. [22:13]

You don’t want to mix the effort to get stronger while you’re also playing sports. [26:30]

Slow it down and see the difference. [32:10]

You really have to get the lifestyle changes around exercise nailed down before you can tweak your diet. [44:16]

To broaden your dietary choices, look at the inexpensive SMASH family. (Sardines, Mackerel, Anchovies, Salmon and Herring.) [45:36]

Eating grass-fed and pasture-raised nutrient dense food is the goal. [48:53]

How frequently we eat is something to look at. And how about eliminating snacking? [53:25]

Anything with calories counts as breaking a fast. [58:49]

Everything in moderation is not a good motto. That is talking about still allowing the toxic chemicals in the standard diet to come into our bodies. [01:02:01]

Clean out your cupboard of the temptations. [ 01:05:34]


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