Dr. Dominic D'Agostino: The Ketogenic Diet, Ketone Supplements, Fat Loss, And Cognitive Performance


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Get ready for a heavy-hitting and deeply educational show with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino: neuroscientist, research-scientist, and of the world’s most foremost researchers on the ketogenic diet, especially pertaining to the use of ketone supplements for neuroprotection.

Dr. Dom brings tremendously extensive knowledge to the table for this episode, having been one of the earliest researchers to focus on identifying the many different uses for ketone supplements. He also worked with the Navy SEALS for over a decade to help address specific issues they were experiencing (like oxygen toxicity seizures), and even offered up his expertise to me back when I was first researching the keto diet for my book, Keto For Life!

In this show, Dr. Dom talks about the wide-ranging benefits that come from following a ketogenic diet, while also offering all the scientific research and evidence to back it up. We talk about the “post-exercise ketosis” that athletes experience and Dr. Dom explains not only why athletes use ketones much quicker than sedentary people, but also why it’s likely that they receive more benefits from ketones as well, plus, many more fascinating facts he has uncovered throughout years and years of research.

Perhaps one of the most singularly valuable insights I ever received from Dr. Dom was to “beware of people who speak in definitives.” The importance of this lies in the fact that real scientists will often say, Well, I don’t know. We don’t know...Well, maybe… In a world where it seems like everyone is trying to sell or convince you of something online, this perspective serves as a practical and helpful reminder.

Enjoy the show, and connect with Dr. Dom here.


Dr. D’Agostino has researched for years. You are going to learn about the amazing and wide-ranging benefits of ketones on the body. [01:20]

The ketogenic diet has some amazing metabolic benefits that researchers have discovered. [09:28]

Research started because the Navy Seal divers were having trouble using the rebreather. [12:32]

Ketogenic and low-carb diets have been used for a hundred years as a medical treatment for epilepsy. [14:56]

The animals used in research for Alzheimer’s were given ketogenic diets and had remarkably enhanced motor function and exercise performance. [18:56]

If you eat zero sugar and zero carbohydrates, your glucose does not drop to zero. [23:07]

It is difficult to study how a body does in starvation. [27:30]

If you elevate ketones, it provides a remarkable energetic boost to the brain. [32:19]

There are problems with some of the ketone supplements. [40:00]

How do the impurities get into these products? [43:56]

How does one know the dose that works for them? This is for temporary cognitive boost. [45:25]

The ketone salt products come in different forms. [48:52]

Is there some intermittent use of the ketogenic diet as a tool for fat reduction and the peripheral benefits? [52:30]

The blood levels of ketones are a function of ketone production and ketone utilization.


Breath ketones are a good measure to have during fasting. [01:19:32]

When doing a lot of fasting and carb restriction, it’s technically a stressor to the body. [01:02:37]

How does the ketogenic diet benefit weight loss? First, there is a lot of behavioral modification involved by tracking. [01:06:39]

Dom did a big deadlifting feat after a long fast. [01:14:29]


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