Dr. Joan Ifland: Overcoming Addiction to Hyper-Palatable Processed Foods


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Get ready for a fascinating show with Dr. Joan Ifland, a leading expert in the very serious issue of processed food addiction.

It is rare to find someone who is as knowledgeable as Dr. Ifland in the field of food addiction. Her textbook, Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery, provides the most extensive literature review on the subject – a valuable resource. She is increasingly recognized as the leading authority in addiction to processed foods, and is passionate about helping people understand why it is that they cannot get any semblance of control over their processed food consumption, and especially, why that loss of control is not their fault.

Dr. Ifland is a scientist who also holds an MBA from Stanford, and in a breakthrough to understanding the source of obesity, zeroed in on how the tobacco industry has played a key role in taking control of processed foods and spreading processed food addiction.

Check out her website here.


People are getting hooked on processed foods just like smoking addiction. [01:37]

Dr. Ifland’s background is unique…from business and finances to food addiction. [05:40]

The food companies use the same tactics used by the tobacco companies to get you and the children addicted. [08:30]

They alter children’s brain function in order to get them to nag their parents for those sugary products. [14:10]

Studies show that the taste of sugar, fat, or salt reaches our brain in a half-second as opposed to any other drug which can take up to 10 seconds or 10 minutes. [18:40]

These are mood-altering substances. One doesn’t realize that some of their physical ailments are caused by diet. [21:03]

To see if you are addicted, get rid of these addictive foods for 30 days to see if you can do it. [23:57]

You can’t control what your kids eat but you can give them the opportunity to experiment by controlling the environment at home. [28:19]

Is there a threshold where we can enjoy sugar, industrial seed oils and such, or we are talking about zero tolerance? [30:55]

Many dieticians work for the food industry. [34:25]

It’s a vicious cycle. Stress activates the addiction. And the addiction activates stress. [38:29]

Dr. Ifland has a community of people in recovery training to become peer support managers. [42:40]

A self-quiz will give you an idea of how you stand in this addiction problem. [45:11]

Can one be addicted to healthy things? [51:21]


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