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Dr. Wendy Walsh is back for a fourth appearance on the B.rad podcast! Dr. Wendy is one of my favorite guests ever because she brings her A-game every time and dispenses an assortment of life-changing tips and insights in an easy to understand manner that you’ll remember and reflect on for a long time.

Today we set a record for one of the most information-packed, fast moving shows ever—in 36 minutes we cover enough for a typical show of double that length!

This episode will teach all about the three major attachment styles (avoidant, anxious, and insecure), how to balance our deepest biological drives with modern relationship dynamics, and what leads to sex being a “higher risk hobby” for women these days. You’ll also receive some free couples therapy and learn the five ways to sustain connection and romantic passion in your relationship. Finally, Dr. Wendy shares how she got 1 million TikTok followers in just one year, describes the four stages of personal development, and talks about the importance of examining the unconscious process and programming we all carry from childhood in order to improve our relationships. We also talk about her Patron club, which I just joined—incredible value for only $40.80 a year!

Dr. Wendy is America’s thought leader on relationships, a media commentator who is obsessed with the science of love, and the host of The Dr. Wendy Walsh Show. She also lectures on evolutionary psychology and human mating strategies at California State University Channel Islands and holds a B.A. in Journalism, a Masters degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.


The three major attachment styles are avoidant, anxious, and insecure. [01:25]

There are some people who prey on others using the drug called love. [08:09]

Look at everyone’s life as a slice. Wendy represents the light at the end of the tunnel. [11:09]

This period of COVID has amplified our isolation. [12:45]

The more choice you have, the less likely you are to make a choice. [14:11]

Sex is a much higher risk hobby for women. [18:14]

Love is very much like a drug using the same brain processes as a drug addiction. [20:36]

What is emotional intimacy? [23:09]

Imagine that your attachment injury that makes you choose partners that are wrong for you is a hole in the middle of the street. [25:59]

The person who has an avoidant attachment style needs to be avoidant because that's a safe place for them. [33:04]

Here are five tips for free couple’s therapy. Number one is to catch them being good. [35:30]

Learn reflective listening. And schedule everything. [38:01]

Digital detox can only enhance the relationships in your life. And number five is to bring fun and novelty into the relationship. [40:49]


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