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Get ready for a unique and interesting show with my former podcast guest, Jake Steiner!

Jake and I were recently talking about how much content is out there in the podcast world, and how easy it can be to fall behind, as it can get pretty overwhelming trying to keep up with the massive amount of information that is constantly coming out. This conversation inspired Jake to come up with the idea for this episode: what if we did a show featuring only the most fascinating information from past episodes, so people could get inspired by a wide range of insights from a diverse pool of guests?!

Jake ended up being the perfect co-host for this show. Not only is he such an interesting guy, but he is also passionately dedicated to his great movement with endmyopia.org, and in this episode, we get to know him a little better, especially by the end. It’s a different kind of show, featuring a wide variety of insights from all kinds of interesting people like John Assaraf, John Gray, Mark Manson, and Dr. Herman Pontzer, so I hope you enjoy listening to some of the most memorable moments we’ve had with guests on the B.Rad podcast.


Brad is picking out tidbits from his memorable podcasts with the encouragement of his guest. [01:34]

We need to take a new look at how we deal with our eyesight. A little bit of blur, a little bit of challenge keeps the eyes fresh and responsive. [08:03]

John Assaraf, on his podcast with Brad, talked about goal setting and getting out of your own way. [11:20]

The roles of women and men have changed over the years creating new dynamics in relationships. [17:31]

The way we find partners is so drastically different these days. [30:46]

Self-worth is an illusion. And it's actually a form of persistent low-level narcissism. [32:27]

We burn the same number of calories every day no matter if we are exercising or not. [44:21]

All the different dietary theories boil down to one thing: Get rid of the junk foods: processed foods, refined carbohydrates, refined sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils. [54:14]s

It is easy to be caught up in purchasing things when trying to keep up with others. [01:10:57]


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